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Copywritten and Directed by: Andrea Salloum
Performed by: Tusiime Jackson and Andrea Salloum
Costumes by: Judy Thomson

11 Multicultural & Environmental Performances to choose from!

All programs are loaded with audience participation & include teacher study guides!


African-American History...Live!

Kidworks Touring Program Image Escape slavery with Harriet Tubman, free the slaves with Abraham Lincoln, sit on the bus with Rosa Parks and march with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Kidworks actors narrate as volunteers from the audience role-play history with costumes.
PreK-8th grade   

“The kids loved the whole program. The fact that they were able to participate made the experience even more valuable. It was completely educational and included lots of things that we discussed during Black History month.” (Asha Bonapart, Donoghue Elementary School, Chicago)

Art through the Ages...a tribute to the last Millennium

Kidworks Touring Program Image Follow Bobby, a modern day texter, who travels back in time via his iPhone and GPS tracking system and meets Michelangelo, Shakespeare, the Impressionists, Frida Kahlo & more...while discovering the importance of art in everyday life.
PreK-8th grade   

"Having children pose as though in a particular work of art helps them see the art in a different way and feel it more personally. It's also great for the kinesthetic learners. I always enjoy your performances." (Rachel Bild, North Pulaski Branch Chicago Public Library)

Building Teams with S.T.E.A.M.!

Kidworks Touring Program Image Join Kidworks in an interactive performance where Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math come together to save the world. This program is loaded with fun-filled, educational material, while encouraging students to go to college, be team players and trust their creative thinking.
PreK-9th grade   

“The participants learned about world issues, how branches of science collaborate to create solutions and how creativity can help to build community and produce results. The S.T.E.A.M. elements were incorporated in a clever and dynamic function. (Mary Frueh, Richard M. Daley Branch Chicago Public Library)

Endangered Animals! What's a Kid to Do?

Kidworks Touring Program Image Poaching, Pollution, Predators, Plastic...what's a polar bear, sea turtle, penguin, monkey, elephant and gray whale to do? Join Kidworks in our mock TV News show, as we travel around the world, visiting threatened animal habitats and learning positive ways children can save them. This program is loaded with educational information and audience participation... and is guaranteed to bring out the animal activist in us all!
PreK-8th grade   

A show you won't want to miss

Food, Music and Stories of New Orleans

Kidworks Touring Program Image Learn about the history of America's greatest city...join our master Cajun-Creole chef and prepare some spicy dishes, march in our Second Line Parade, dance through the years of Jazz, Gospel, Blues and Zydeco, perform in the story "A Place where Hurricanes Happen" and participate in our Mardi Gras parade. (Beads included)
PreK-6th grade   

"They brought the book and New Orleans to life. Both parents and kids have requested that the library have the group return" (Patti Eaton, LaGrange Public Library)

Global Warming! What's a kid to do?

Kidworks Touring Program Image Come travel to the Arctic, Antarctica, Australia, the Amazon and back to Chicago, as Kidworks actors portray TV newscasters uncovering the scoop on endangered animals and trees. Volunteers from the audience portray monkeys, penguins, and fish in the Great Barrier all are inspired to recycle and make a difference on this planet.
PreK-8th grade   

“Great Earth Day program! Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious and you do such a phenomenal job of combining education with entertainment.” (Megan Curran: St. Barnabas Elementary School, Chicago, IL)

Holidays around the World

Kidworks Touring Program Image Come spin the Chanukah Dreidel, act out "The First Christmas Tree" Story from Germany, beat the drum in a Kwanzaa Ceremony, join our Mariachi Band in Feliz Navidad, and parade under the Chinese Dragon. This multicultural program will have you singing on your way out the door!
PreK-8th grade   

“Great audience participation and loved the diversity of the presentation.” (Kristina Knapp, MacArthur International Spanish Academy, Hoffman Estates, IL)

Music around the World

Kidworks Touring Program Image From the first musical instrument in Mesopotamia, to Ancient Egyptian belly dancing, West African Drum Circles, the Chinese Peking Opera, Classical Symphony Music, Native America Hip Hop dancing...Kidworks takes the audience on a world-wind tour of music history, with authentic instruments for all!!!
3rd-12th grade   

“The children and parents loved it. Cultural understanding and just plain fun!” (Dawn Cummins, Ella Johnson Memorial Public Library, Hampshire, IL)

Peace Tales around the World

Kidworks Touring Program Image Come travel to Africa, the Middle East, India, China, Mexico, Jamaica and Native stories, dances and traditions come to life. Perfect for multicultural celebrations and family reading nights!
PreK-6th grade   

‘What a wonderful time we all had at your terrific show “Peace Tales around the World.” The props and costumes were beautiful and you both portrayed the characters so well. The children had so much fun getting up and participating. They were delighted to hear fables from many nations, to learn how to say hello in different languages, and to do dances of various cultures.” (Nancy Sauer, Fountaindale Public Library District, Bolingbrook, IL)

The Hip Hop Workshop and Poetry Slam Jam

Kidworks Touring Program Image Join Kidworks as we lead the audience on a time-travel tour from the Old School Days to the New School Era...bringing alive beat boxing, dancing, rapping, DJing and the true meaning of rap as a means of bringing peace to the community. Loaded with audience participation, costumes and music...this show will get both students and old school teachers dancing...get ready to jam!!!!
PreK-12th grade   

“Best program EVER!!! Haven’t seen both kids and parents as revved up; as active together in this kind of modern, funny, historical, wonderful, musical performance activity since Rappers Delight in the late 1970’s. Wonderfully energetic performers infusing the room with all that’s positive about this genre… JUST A BLAST OF A TIME!!!” (Tracy Karbel, Vodak-Eastside Branch Chicago Public Library)

The Pharaoh, the Sphinx and the Curse of the Mummy

Kidworks Touring Program Image Come build a pyramid, act out a mummification ceremony, dress as King Tut, and bow to Cleopatra. Kidworks brings Ancient Egyptian history to life with beautiful costumes, dancing and fun for all.
PreK-8th grade   

“This program aligned with our curriculum perfectly …this is exactly what the students are learning.” (Heather Sherman, Westview School, Wood Dale, IL)

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